Divine “Un-Manifest” Actuality of God

<< ‘Divine “Un-Manifest” Actuality of God’ >>

My explanation is from a combination of Hermetic/Vedanta theory of All that exists + All Vacuum = God.

God = Infinite Vacuum
+ All possible Mathematical Equations/Formulae
+ Infinite Energy not yet Manifested in Observable Dimensions
+ All Connected Higher Souls
+ Repository of Energy that can Manifest [Shakti]
+ multiple Universes of Manifested Energy in several dimensions that span many illusory time-lines.

Siva is the Archetypal Diety that “Manifests” in our Mind from that storehouse of Unmanifest Energy. Siva Principal can be utilized by Higher Souls to control Shakti and Manifest different dimensions of “Physical” Reality, which is “Maya” or Illusion. Siva Principle is accessed by deepest Dhyana Yoga, contemplation on God without any symbols or manifested distractions.

A Deity is not God, just another Energetic Construct in our Illusory Planes but a Deity has a very strong Cord to one of the Highest Energetic Levels of the Infinite God Source.

Just my 2 cents of philosophy


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